Saawariya is now following you on Twitter!

I just got this email

From: Twitter ;
Date: Oct 26, 2007 12:59 PM
Subject: Saawariya is now following you on Twitter!
To: ******

Hi, s4ur4bh.

Saawariya (Saawariya) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Saawariya's profile here:

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This is for the first time when an Indian movie has used twitter as advertising tool. The very fact that I am blogging about it means that they have been able to get my attention. And more than that I would spread the word.

I might watch and might not watch the movie but I will sure talk about it to my friends. I will brag that one I twitter and two Saawariya is cool enough to follow me.

The Ripple Effect
Virals are like ripples. Someone needs to drop that pebble that starts the ripple. People at Saawariya are sure throwing a lot of pebbles. These pebbles have to be dropped at the right places. Where water is deep enough to create a large ripple. And where a ripple would not die down after some time.

Food for thought
And finally my another theory about social networks. I cant reinforce that human beings in the end are social animals. If a marketer can give humans some food for thought, something to talk about, a context that helps people diffuse time in social gatherings, something people can become master of (by virtue of thought and/or use of words) and the master can attract followers, the marketer would have done his job.

Most of the time people hang around with same set of people and after a time you know everything there is to know about a person. What do you talk about then? You have to find something to talk about. This is where the Food for Thought would come in. Let people use the food supplied by marketer to kill their time. And spread the world.

Any thoughts? Comments?


Saawariya said...

Hi s4ur4bh,

Thanks for acknowledging the initiative.

Liked the way you have compared it to the ripple effect. Thanks.

S4ur4bh said...

Another "interaction" with the marketing team behind Saawariya. I am very very impressed.

The last comment shows that they are monitoring what people say about the movie.

I have another suggestion .. if they are listening that is.

How about giving people a context to talk about? Like appearances by the cast of Saawariya at popular hang out places in Mumbai? Not the regular conferences but impromptu interaction with audience at popular theaters?

After all, a film is a hit or flop depending on the reaction in the first weekend.

Sanjukta said...

that is cool... how come saawariya is not following me... :D

I can't explain how exited I am about all these new media tools... twitter rocks and of course saawariya would reach out to a whole lot of people in this way..its a grt marketing tool..

S4ur4bh said...

Ok, I agree Twitter is cool and they can reach a lot more people online but how many people use twitter in India .. ?

And SB, should I ask them to follow you ;)

Kunwar said...

Just got a similar email from twitter

This is quite a new concept though!

Well I read your blog regularly and must say - you rock!!!

Saawariya said...

@s4ur4bh, Will surely update you on the status of the latest debuting couple

@sanjukta do send us a request, we will follow you too!! :)

Anonymous said...

Have seen Sawariya movie on first day and here are genuine comments abt the movie: Ghatiya, Bakwaas, Bore of the year, Barbaad, Senseless, Hopeless, Total Time-n-Money waste !! Bhansali must retire now and Salman/Rani, please think before signing a movie!!

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