This is what I posted on a Google Group

Since the community sounds very active and focussed, time for a detailed introduction.

I am Saurabh, M, 25, EMPLOYED (hopefully not for long).

Complete BIT (Technology course) from Delhi University in 2003. Went on to complete PGPM in 2006 from MDI, Gurgaon. Was piked from campus by GE Money and was in their one year long Young Leader Development Programme. Post that I was ASM for Credit Cards in Mumbai.

Frankly dint see myself reaching anywhere in a typical sales structure in a MNC. Yeah, I would have become a VP or something in 15 years if I was average performer. I had to move on. As luck would have it, I bumped into this guy, he proposed I work for his advertising firm and do whatever I want to there. Accepted his offer. Ran away from GE. Now with him and I officially work on Market Research and Consumer Insight for advertisements.

Answer to why entrepreneurship is I don't really want to work for someone else. Initially I had this idea that I would make the world a better place to live in but then I realized I need to be realistic. You might say I gave upon it even before I started but thats the way it is.

My reason for OCC and BC is to network and learn. I strongly believe that any organization is as good as the quality of people they have. Hopefully I would bump into some great people at OCC and BC and who knows, I might be part of a team starting up. After looking at all the threads here and on BC, my hopes are real high.

Personally, I am opinionated, talk a lot, try to read as many things as possible and love trekking and traveling.

And a few things that I dont think I should have but have are too much opinion, hopping from one thing to other very soon, procrastination, leaving ends loose ... the list is endless... Hopefully I get to fix a few of these things ...!

Few ideas I pursued and left are education online ( is doing it now), selling medicines online (could not get a team for it), creating a content aggregating website for Indian population (on lines of boing boing etc) but could not get funding for it - there was no revenue source for first few years and no one likes that. I have tried both tradition businesses and modern formats using new media and content but nothing has materialized. Interesting thing is that everything I ever did was always on paper. I never got my hands dirty. That has to change. Soon.

Yes, I blog. Mostly personal and things I like at War of Words
Yes, I click pictures and few of them are uploaded at 04p050
And Yes, I invest in stock markets and have an opinion at PseudoSocial
And NO, this is not a spam mail trying to advertise blogs.

Hoping to catch up with a few like minded people at BC on 14th and subsequently at OCC meets whenever they happen.

Warm Regards,

P.S.: Can we also have some kind of arrangement where people interested in OCC can recognize each other @ the BC? We can at least break the ice. May be someone can create a list of people @ OCC and everyone walking in to BC can strike their names off that list? Any volunteers? More ideas?

P.S.S: I have this tendency to get verbose and long but I hope you guys wont mind!

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