Appu Ghar being shut down

Someone once said that only thing constant in universe is change. Old has to make way for the new. There is no escaping for even things as iconic as Appu Ghar in Delhi. Appu Ghar is being shut down to make way for Delhi Metro.

Although I have not been to Appu Ghar for about 10 years but I have some really wonderful memories of Appu Ghar. I still remember a vague map of Appu Ghar. I sat in an electronic car in a closed ring for the first time. I entered a house of horror for the first time at Appu Ghar. My first visit to a water park was at Oysters at Appu Ghar. I was and I still am scared of rides like My Fair Lady and Appu Columbus. I shot air rifles at colorful balloons for the first time in my life at Appu Ghar. I still remember that I bought a box full of magic tricks from Appu Ghar and while going home, I lost one of the cigarette tricks.

Every time I went to IITF aka Trade Fair, my parents always took me to Toys and Games Hall, Good Living Hall and finally Appu Ghar. Last time I went to Appu Ghar was after my 10th standard CBSE examinations. For the record, I took my 10th standard boards in 1997.

There are now umpteen number of amusement parks now in India but no one comes close to Appu Ghar. Personally, I share quite a few things with Appu Ghar. Appu Ghar is not just a place I liked visiting but it also gave me my nick name.

Appu Ghar being shut down is a really sad event but I am all for it and hope more places like that would be developed in the heart of the city. More and more kids are now opting for indoor games, Internet and other virtual entertainment avenues. They are loosing out on the experience of being with a real community, meeting people face to face and arent getting enough exposure to be street smart.

There is one coming up at NOIDA with even better rides and water games. Dont know how many of us would still go to NOIDA for those rides. Dont know if there would ever be a sense of belongingness.

And in the end, Appu Ghar is more than just a place for Delhites. It was and will remain an integral part of everyone's life. Appu Ghar will be missed.

Please send in any pics you might have. And if you want to share an opinion or thoughts, please comment.

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