President and Vice-President of India

I randomly asked 10 friends who is President of India. Dont be surprised with the results ... Only 2 out of 10 knew who Mrs. Patil is. And for all the readers who don’t know the answer, it’s Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

Then I asked the same set of people who is our Vice President. And guess what.. no one knew. They had no clue at all. When I told them it’s Mr. Haimd Ansari, they were as confused as a kid in a nude bar.

India Shining?

What seems to be the problem?
One is that I asked people who are my age (25 +- 2 years). These people are so-called future of India and would drive the economy and country in the years to come. Most of these people are more bothered about the kind of money they can make rather than the kind of difference they would make to the country.

Second is that media - the driver of intellect and thought in India is really pathetic. Media in India is a business. With profit motives. As I have said earlier too, gone are the days when media would want to educate, inform and evoke thoughts from the citizens rather than pursuing profits generated by advertisements, sensationalizing news and paddling

How has this shift happened? Why are people less concerned about the state of affairs? Why are we becoming yet another society where politics is left to people without jobs, oldies, influentials and other larger than life people?

Thoughts anyone?



Pd said...

Somewhere I disagree. I don't blame media for covering the most ridiculous of events (like Wada-Paav Day) all day long. There are many who don't care to watch the news (coz of the day long coverage of WadaPaav Day), hence you can't blame media when 25+-2 yr olds don't know who the P and VP of India are. No one could have possibly missed the 'Pratibha Tai' campaign if they turned on ANY channel during that time.
I don't care what media covers coz what they do is in no way affecting my knowledge or intellect or IQ.
Blame it on the growth of 'social networks', online and otherwise where people are more interested in 'making frndzip'. Internet is a VAST domain. You get what you seek.

On a side note, the name's Mohammad Hamid Ansari. Not Mr. Not Haimd.

On another side note, I still have good months left before i turn 25+2yrs old. Why wasn't I one of your test cases?

On a third side note, ask your test cases about the T20 team distribution, I am sure the results would be better. But then, that wont affect the 'future of India' :p

s4ur4bh said...

Few answers .. Yes its. Md. Hamid Ansari. Sorry for the typo. Looks like my own info was not spot on.

Second you were not included because I did this "survey" in my office. In person. I would love to ask you things in person but blame it on the govt.

And agree that Internet and social networks could be a problem.


P.S.: Everyone knew everything about T20 :D

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