Questioning Unity in Diversity

Go to South India and talk about North Indians, interested things would be said and heard. For North Indians, anyone from south of Mumbai is a Madrasi. They dont know about Mals, Telugus, Tamils or Kannadigas, leave apart Aiyers, Aiyengars and others. All they know is one single word. Madrasi. The entire nation looks at East Indians as chinks. They are as Indians as anyone we can be. They are still laughed at, mocked at in public places. Now in Maharashtra, Mr. Raj Thackery is proclaiming that North Indians should be driven out of Maharashtra. There have even been incidences of violence. One person actually lost his life. Greater than any economic loss.

I think we need to remind all these people that an Indian citizen has been granted a few fundamental rights by our constitution. These fundamental rights are very critical pillars of our democracy. Pillars of the Republic of India.

Why is this happening? Is it good? I am keeping this post open for more perspectives from visitors. Please send in your comments.

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