Flash Fiction: The House of Cards

SG has decided to set upon a very difficult task. He wants to erect a house of cards. There is nothing new about house of cards. People have been making houses ever since a deck of cards was invented. Yet, for him, making this house is a mammoth task.

No he is not a "differently-abled" kid. It's just that he lacks one of the biggest virtues of humandom – patience. He is one of those few people who can't sit at one place for more than a minute without some distraction. He is not fickle-minded or easily distracted.

He is of the opinion that humandom offers so many things that in achieving expertise in something particular is waste of time. He thinks that in order to be called an expert by the world at large, you don't experiment and experience a lot of other things. He thinks there is more pleasure in being jack of all trades rather than being a master of one.

He knows that the time he can spend at humandom is very limited. It is only one life after all. And this is what he wants to change. He wants to live more than just a life time at humandom.

This house of cards is his attempt to start a task and finish it. It is similar to a lot of other experiments he keeps doing. All the other tasks he has ever taken have been left unfinished. He doesn't know where would be get inspiration from, but he is determined.

So he sets upon this task of placing cards one by one.

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