A Marketers Delight

A friend once told me that I am a marketer's delight. Looking back at the spending pattern of last few days, his words sound like prophecy to me.

I have bought a laptop bag because I was hanging out in a market full of bag shops (I needed a bag but the one I bought is something that I did not like).

I bought a PSP that I bought just because I wanted to own one and one of friends was coming from Dubai (I bought an iPod in 2006 for the same reason – that fake sense of ownership).

Two pairs of shoes (not that I hate shoes, its just that I did not need them. The other pair I had sufficed my needs).

This brings me to a confession. I might say that my interest lies in the area of decision-making, but I really suck at it. Need to think more before I make a purchase so as not to make myself a sucker.

And if someone wants me to gift things off my wishlist, please lemme know.

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