The power of human mind.

I had written this post 30th April 2007. Just found it buried under one of the folders.
As I was coming back from office today, in the cab there was this female who I thought I had seen somewhere. I could not place her in my mind. I came to the conclusion that I had seen her in my school and she was in one of the other sections.

I started talking and I was correct. She went to the same school as I went and even she thought she had seen me somewhere and she could not place me.

She could also remember one of my classmates. This classmate was the most connected person in my batch. And proves yet another thing – that the six degrees of separation is because of certain well connected people. I don’t know how useful this realization would be …

More Details to assist memory later
I was working with the MNC in their Gurgaon Corporate Park Office and I met this person in cab. She was from Greenfields and was in the commerce section.


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