I wrote this piece some time ago. Its about time I posted it.

In my opinion everything you do must have a "Why" answered before its done.

Why "The Infinite Monkeys"?

Because there are million things on your mind at any given point in time and there is no way that you an keep track of them on paper notebooks. Maximum you can scribble them. Chances are that you would misplace the notes and then they would be lost forever.

Logical question is that isn't blogging tougher than scribbling .. ? Answer would be .. yes it is but it gives me an easy retrieval system. Better than text files and notebooks. Data is all about retrieval. Without retrieval, its plain old information. And information by itself has no real value.

TIM is an attempt to collect online, all thoughts and things that can be helpful. It could be a news clipping, an article, a link, an interview, a piece of thought, a doodle. Anything.

Why online?

Its easier to read later. Recollect thoughts.

Why blog?

Ideally I would want a system where I can post my current moods, locations etc. This would make it very easy to recall at a later date. Since I don't have a system like that, anything that is close enough serves the purpose. And hence Blogger. I can post things with an email address and can write and edit at will. I can also put categories to the posts and all thoughts would be in context. I can make tag clouds. I can hunt for similar posts and get feedback and opinion from people.

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