Bomaby Quiz Club

Bombay has this quizzing club that meets every month and conducts quizzes for its members. Since quizzing happens to be a favorite pass-time, I thought I will try and see if it’s any good. And so I went to Bombay Quiz Club’s first quiz on Sunday.

There were some 35 odd people. The youngest was a student at an engineering college and the oldest was (I think) a retired professional. Most of the people seemed to know each other (probably because they have been meeting over a period of year) and few of them were past winners and finalists at various quizzes (Brand Equity Quiz, Adclub Mumbai Quiz etc).

Their format is also pretty cool. It encourages participation and it rules out good quizzers ganging up to take the fun out of quizzing. They randomly divide all participants in 8 teams and get on with the fun. The n00bs get to learn from the 1337s. Its that simple.

I must say that I was humbled and inspired at the same time by the whole experience. I always thought I was an above average quizzer and there I realized that I don’t even exist in the quizzing circles. The quality of questions and participation was really great. I would recommend any quizzing enthusiast to be a part of the club.

And yes, the place was offered by Pinstorm and its amazing how a small gesture like offering a place for quizzing can become a branding and advertising strategy. More on this later on Thoughts @ Work blog.

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