Future of Blogging figured out !

My last few posts have been about future of War of Words and Thoughts. On way to office, I think I have figured out a way.

Here is a simple solution.

War of Words will be my personal blog where I talk about things that are personal to me. Things like I hate watching movies, I love watching cartoons, I want to meet Steve Jobs etc. These would be the things that no one else is interested in. These things matter to me and hence I blog kinds.

would talk about things that I think passionately about and where I believe I can contribute. I would talk about technology, marketing, media, India, entrepreneurship, people, ideas and a whole lot of things that I would think and compile. Basically things on Thoughts would be useful for everyone. It is meant to be read by people. People would be able to make some sense of these posts and thus will contribute to their learning. This will also give me a good platform to showoff my prowess of these matters (which is obviously debatable). In one line, as management professionals would put it, will add value to them.

Obviously, if I get another brilliant idea, might throw this one out in the dustbin and move on.

Surprisingly, other people also seem to have the same issue (d_grailed for example). Financial community might interpret this as slowing own of Internet Addiction and might downgrade their ratings of technology stocks :D

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