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With this post I am starting another Label called Human Thinking. I will be writing on things that I think are applicable to human thinking - way we think and act (rather REACT) in certain situations. These would not be backed by any kind of research or data. These are just a collection of thoughts and my thumb rules.

This one is about people who are very well read and are supposedly looked upon by everyone else.
People who read a lot might be at an advantage in a lot of situations. But they are at some disadvantages at times.

For example, if they encounter a familiar situation, the first solution that comes to their mind intuitively is one that they are familiar with (because they have read things that are similar to those situations). This solution could be optimal, suboptimal and even non-applicable in a lot of cases. And this is where their disadvantages from reading a lot comes in.

People might think that by creating this section on my blog, I am limiting my OWN thinking.

Inspired from Prof. Ray Titus.

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