Simpu Sodhi - Bring back Simpu Singh

How about writing to Channel V and bringing back Simpu Singh? I am ready to create FB groups, Orkut communities, send out chain mails and file petitions online. I will do anything (virtual) to get him back.

For the uninitiated Simpu Sodhi is/was a Channel V character that they created way back in 2000 for their shows. It is modeled after a sikh teacher and he is simply awesome.

Simpu Sodhi is all you can want in a person. He is a grown up. He is a kid. He is charming. He is innocent. He is intelligent. He has a temper. He is sensitive towards cute school kids that look more like micelings... He is Simpu Sodhi. Like No Other.

PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK SIMPU SODHI. Can some marketing whiz help me promote the cause and get some media attention?

He certainly makes it to my list of favorite fictional characters that includes Homer Simpson (of Homer Simpson fame), Michael Corleone (of Godfather fame), Jack Bauer (of 24 fame) and Udham Singh (again Channel V).

My playlist on Youtube.

Links for Simpu Singh Sodhi fans
2. Youtube Playlist of Simpu Sodhi vids


Gillette said...

oh My effin God!!
I added Simpoo Singh to my Orkut community just a few days ago... I simply loved him. and now I see you had blogged about it!!

Anonymous said...

I so totally agree with u! Simpu Singh is simply AWESOME! He surely is my fav, just love the humour too.
Wish he is brought back! Simpu Singh 'ROCKS'!

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