Anil Ambani vs Kishore Biyani on Big Baz(a)ar

Not caring for literary flowerification and language style critics around here, this is going to be rude post.

For people who dont know that specifics, Reliance ADAG is Anil Ambani and Reliance Industries is Mukesh Ambani.

Reliance ADAG has made clear their intentions on getting into organized retail. People might remember that ADAG and Reliance Industries had a non-compete agreement when Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani agreed to split in 2006. Terms of this agreement were not made public but how in the world can Anil Ambani get into organized retail when everyone knows about Reliance Retail and its hazaar different retail formats and more than 500 stores?

And if this was not enough, ADAG's retail venture is called Reliance Big Bazar. Surprised? Not really. Shocking? Yes. What about Kishore Biyani's company called Pantaloon Retail and their flagship retail store Big Bazaar?

Perfectly understandable that ADAG calls all their businesses BIG. Big FM, Big Music, Big Flix, Big Entertainment etc. but Big Bazar? I always thought that CGA will not allow you to name your company that confuses customer will an already existing brand. If there was small guy in some class C town in India doing the same thing, he would have been sued for his every penny for corporate lawyers.

If the name was stupid, the reason given by ADAG is even more stupid. They are saying that Kishore Biyani's company is called Bazaar with two a's and their's is called Bazar with a single a. With even bad Photoshop skills, one can very easily make the two logos very similar and rest can be left to anyone's imagination. They have said that they would not use the word "Bazar" or "Big Bazar" on standalone basis. They will always use "Reliance Big Bazar". This saves some grace for them.

But overall a very bad move. And Isn't this piggybacking on someone who has put in time and effort to create a huge brand? What about customers? Isn't this a cheap way to get customers?

India asks Y.

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Anonymous said...

No we dont think as . As per the Trademark rules He can have reliance Big bazar . It is very fair to do it as long as it is not legally wrong . No id ont it is cheap way to get customerers Coz Everthing is fair in business ( war ) and Love .
Now if Kishore biyani has money power to stop he can .. no one is stopping him to do that

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