May 24, 25: Awesome Weekend

I had the most perfect weekend that a girlfriendless guy can have. Full of sleep, Counter-Strike, Partying, Cricket Match, Travel, Eating, Shopping, Talking and Gyaan sessions.
  • Sleep: Slept for half a day. Switched off my phone for that duration. Blissfull.
  • Counter-Strike: Played CS for about 3 hours with friends from MDI at Zapak Gameplex. This is turning into a weekly thing now.
  • Partying: Met people from MDI, more people from MDI and still more people. Ate out on both days and had awesome time remembering things from past. An interesting incident happened. We were trying to remember the songs we like at MDI and I said "Bin Tere Sanam" by DJ Suketu and at that very instant it was played. Awesomeness.
  • Cricket Match: Saw Kolkata vs Chandigarh march at Rodas. Huge screen. Great place. Friends boozing and pulling pranks. Awesome finish. Brilliant.
  • Travel: Local mostly but well after mid-night. I love traveling at nights. When the entire world sleeps, you are on your way.
  • Shopping: Long overdue bout of shopping. Only thing remaining is hunting for books. Will order online today. Saratchadra Chattopadyaya.
  • Talking: Awesome conversation about history of India and how political turmoil pulled us from being the leaders of the world to a developing country.
  • Gyaan session: This is where we acted as visionaries and talked about things that could make India what it was before we were invaded.
All in all a very good weekend. Hoping for more of these.

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