Haasil - The Movie

Bollywood is known to release the maximum number of movies in a year. And most of them are forgettable. A lot of them go onto become big hits and send the cash registers ringing. And then there are times when a movie creates a whole new world. The way people think. The way people talk. They way people perceive cinema. One of them is obviously Sholay. The other one is Haasil. I cant really compare the two but Haasil deserves its place along side any other acclaimed movie in the history of Indian Cinema.

The plot is really simple. Its about a small town in India where people are happy go lucky and go about their own tasks. Its a typical story of a young guy. Its a typical story of a pesky father. Its a typical story of a guy in love with a girl and trying to express it. Its about a typical university in India where student politics is more important than the academics or anything else. Then its the typical story of hatred, envy, love, politics, corruption, anger, wars and other such things.

And this is where all the typicalality ends. The story is interesting and compelling enough to captivate the audience. The dialouges are impressive and more importantly their delivery makes every small scene a cult. To the extent that I will probably call each scene a conversation between two characters. Characters who are small yet giant. Who are incapable by themselves yet can do anything if situation demands. Performances by Irfan Khan and Ashutosh Rana that can put any other actor to shame.

Personally, for me, the best two conversations are "Pandit hum der na lagaenge maarne main" and "Hum to ShivJi kay bhakth hain, saara zeher humein hi peena hai". Although I don't support piracy, the entire movie is available here for watching online and free download.

Haasil fans, please share your stories. And please note that this is not a movie review.

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Anonymous said...

My favourite - "Tum aaye kahan se be?!"
And fyi... Haasil is still one of the biggest hits in ChangeMasters :)

Gagan (another ManDevIan)

s4ur4bh said...

Hi Gagan ..

Guess its gonna be hit in all hostels across the country :D

Wat batch are you from?


aayush said...

My fav is "itna maro ki tumhair jaan ko lage uski jaan mein jaan hai"


" koi naam waam hai ya log hero keh ke hi pukarte hain"

asim said...

My favorite: ladki Jo hai Woh aadmi se pyar karti hai, aur aadmi mein agar veerta nahi hsi, to aadmi aadmi nahi hai.

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