From Narazgi to Safola

I have this very good friend who is in US. And since we are separated by geography, only means to communicate is emails, IMs and phone calls once in while. For last few days, she has been really busy and I have been my buggy best. And this lack of conversations made me think that she was angry or something with me. Actually, come to think of it, she WAS angry. There is this conversation I had with her where she sounded angry.

Anyways this is not the point. So I have this huge list of 1000 people on gatlk. Right in the morning I think that she is angry (shes on my mind all the time :D .. are you reading?) and I update my IM status message as "Naarazgi". About 5 people ask me who is angry and similar questions.

And all of a sudden she sends an IM saying that she is not. How on the Earth does she know that I am talking about her? Anyways, so I ask her how do you know and she says "Safola". And obviously I was smiling. Actually laughing out loud. She knew is somehow and she could express her thoughts in an awesome manner. These small things make life worth living for. May sound like a small thing for a lot of people but for me, it means a lot.

Thats as good as things can get. For the ones who aren't blessed with memories of brands and taglines, Safola used a tagline "Tere Dil Ki Baat Main Jaanu". She knew that I was talking about her.

How in the world .. ?

P.S.: There was another incident on this same conversation that reaffirmed that Safola DOES exist between her and me. Refer to IM transcript on your gmail account dated 9 May 2008, 10:52 AM.

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