Cadburys Main Khush Hoon Khamkha

This is one of those few ads that I really adore. Khamakha from Cadbury's

Khamkha muskuraaon,
Khamkha gungunaon,
Khamkha chalta jaaon main,

Khamkha machalta hoon,
Khamkha fisalta hoon,
Khamkha uchata hoon main,

Main khush aaj Khamkha,
Main khush aaj Khamkha,
Main khush aaj Khamkha yaaron.

Vid on Youtube:

In fact this is one of the reasons why I jumped into advertising.


himanshu said...

thanks for the video :-)

Abhinav said...


gr8 ad.. infact beautiful ad... watching this ad always makes me smile..only video that i added to my orkut.

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