Short Biography

As I use more and more Internet, I am making my private self more and more public. Probably sometime in future where papazarri would get interested in my private life, they can use this blog to dig out dirt and talk about me :D

Anyways, in the long list of blog posts where I talk about myself, here is another one. I have written this for my yet another idea - The TwitterBook.

25, Indian, Dreamer, Curious and Adventurous. Has a very short attention span. On a constant mission to search for that new new thing. Torn between Indian ethos and global outlook. Confused about what to do in life and assured about the future at the same time. Not a rebel and yet has a perpetual problem against authority.

Day job is Planning and Strategy guy at arguably the most creative company in India. Has a very long list of after-office interests and TwitterBook is one such initiative. TwitterBook for him is an experiment where he wants to challenge himself to do something that he is not good at - Writing and Collaborating. So far hes got an excellent team in place and the road ahead looks bright and sunny.

Hope this is not used against me in some court of law or against my VISA applications :D

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