Movie Review: Hancock

Hancock is a very simple story. John Hancock (Will Smith) is a gifted guy with super-natural powers that include, but are not limited to, stopping trains with his one hand, flipping whales in the ocean at the flick of the wrist, flying like the Superman at his whims and fancies, taking hazaar bullets on his chest like our beloved Rajnikant, juggling SUVs like any circus jester and obviously razor sharp fingers that can be used to shave and even draw things on a wall.

Our superhero is law abiding. He knows the good guy from the bad guy. He intends to help the good guys and punish the bad guys. In fact he is everything what a superhero should be. But for one thing. He has a drinking problem, he cant control his anger and he tends to go overboard with his heroics. So much so that the police actually subpoenas him for all the side-effects (read damage to buildings, vehicles, property etc.) of being a superhero. No one in the city loves him even though he is making the city a better place to live in. In six words - he has a bad PR problem.

Incomes a PR consultant (Jason Bateman) who, like everyone else, wants to change the world some day. Hancock happens to save this consultant's life (and damaging few cars and a train in the process). The consultant is gratified beyond belief and since our consultant is struggling with his endeavor to change the world, he thinks that if he could successfully solve Hancock's PR problem, it will give him great mileage.

And this is where I shall end talking about the plot and if you are curious, I would recommend you to go watch. It’s a fun movie. Something like Om Shanti Om. Story is very weak. Acting is just above average. Special effects are nothing to write home about - they are good but then now a days all special effects are good. If you are looking for some mindless entertainment, please do see this movie.

Apart from the mindless part of it, there are some interesting intellectual discussions on heroes, gods and regular human beings. They also talk about life and death and togetherness and separation. But there are very limited and shallow and don’t really provide enough food for thought.

I would rate it 2.5 on 5. And the movie is family friendly.

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