Elections 09 - Reults

Results of elections 09 are out. Thankfully Congress led UPA has got a clear mandate. Though no one expected this outcome but now that its the writing on the wall, this effectively means ...
  1. We would have a stable govt for next five years. Unless a Black Swan happens.
  2. Left, Fourth front and other such frivolous concepts and ideologies would find no place in governance or decision making of the govt. And this means more development and investments in becoming efficient.
  3. Stage is set for Rahul Gandhi to get some much required experience in governance and policy making. He has been just talking all this while. Now is the time, over these next five years, he would hone his skills as a public servant. Obviously not at the cost of the nation.
  4. Other young parliamentarians (Sachin Pilots, Sandeep Dixits, Jyothiraditya Schindhias, Naveen Jindals of the world) would also test waters and the cabinet for the future (Elections 2014) can be groomed. Of course assuming that BJP with all their "mature" leaders would not be in reckoning in 2014.
I am glad better sense prevailed and people chose stability over regionalism. Hope UPA now performs well enough to justify our trust in them.

P.S.: I hope to play a significant role in 2014 Elections. From looks of it, I am going to support Congress. But again, let time show us the what it has kept in store.

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