Tweetup at Rangsharda

Met Anaggh (@anaggh), Asfaq (@asfaq), Kapil (@kapilb), Netra (@netra) and Sampad (@sampad) for a mini tweetup at Rangsharda yesterday. Along with the lovely view of the sea and full moon shining on us, we had an awesome discussion on social media (which i dint understand a bit), life (where I tried talking), businesses (heard and tried to remember everything), people (all sorts of), places to honeymoon (Sampad was more than curious and Anaggh was more than willing to share his knowledge) and other things that I have forgotten.

I had so much fun that I am sure I want to do more of these from next time on. And if you are wondering, I am @Saurabh on twitter.


Sampad Swain said...

...and how can you forget the conversation with Anaggh about you going to Agra one too often :P


Netra said...

And aslo my sugggestion @Sampad to go Male rather than Thailand as suggestd by Anaggh :P

And i was repeatedly saying am hardcore Networker may be consider as part of Social Media :P ..hehe


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