18 Till I Die

This is one of those posts that are totally meaningless and totally irrelevant. You write these things purely for the love of seeing your fingers do the little dance on the keyboard. And the funny thing is that you dont even know where the words flow from.

So one whole month of the year has gone past. On the first of January, at AS's place, I had told myself that I would make this year the defining year of my life. I decided that moment I was back in India, I would sit down and make a list of things that I would do and achieve this year. And before I realize, its Feb. And February 4 at that. Things have been ok to say the least. Some very sad on personal front. Some exciting. Somethings are looking up. And some are exciting. The whole spectrum. I really wish I could talk about those things here.

Come to think of it, why cant i? After all the combined readership of this blog is two as of last count. One is me. And other one is PD29Jun. At least I would want to believe that PD29Jun does read this. She never leaves any indication of having read this though. Anyways, coming back, I think I can make things personal here. Lemme take a call in the next few days.

And right now I am binging onto awesome guitars and violins on this cover of 18 till I die. Clich├ęd it may sound but I really want to be 18 till I die. I need to do a longish post on it and justify that I really really mean to be 18!

P.S.: The post was called "The little dance on the keyboard" before I wrote about 18 bit. Now its called what its called.


nikita said...

It's not two.

rruts said...

and one more to your list :)

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