3M: Of Shoes, Books and Travel

Starting this week, I shall try and post something or the other every Monday. I shall call it Monday Morning Musings. Or 3M in short. Why would I do this? I dont know. I just want to. When would I stop doing this? I dont know.

Anyways, so this week I shall talk about places and things where I spend most of my money on.

To start with, I spend waste invest heavily in shoes. The paradox is that I hate to wear shoes but then I love to buy shoes. I have about 12 pairs right now and I think in terms of brands, I have more Puma than Nike than Converse that Reebok than Adidas. And yes most of these are sports shoes. I do have a pair for those odd occasions when I am made to wear formal trousers. So attached here is the latest addition to my collection! And believe it or not, I bought these from Patiala.

Then, once am done with all shoes, I buy books. I buy books about anything and everything. And more often than not, I use flipkart.com's wonderful COD. If I ever wanted a job, I would want to work for flipkart. Their execution of things is impeccable. If Amazon.com ever thinks about entering India, they should start by acquiring flpkart.com. Jeff, are you listening?

And then after all the shoes (that I buy and do not wear) and books (that I buy and do not read), if I am left with money, I buy air tickets. Between Delhi and Mumbai. I have that frequently that the counter girl at GoAir now knows me my face and moment I show up, she volunteers to give me my favorite seat on an aircraft - second last row, aisle seat.

Wondering what are three things that you buy most with your money? Anyone?

Anyways, until the next 3M, adieu!

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WSW said...

Clothes-books-travel packages

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