Can someone give me a credit card?

So even since I realized that I need to own a credit card, I have been banging on doors of all card companies and literally begging for a credit card. I call the companies myself and tell them to get me a card. I walk into bank branches and fill application forms. I even used my airline frequent flier programme to apply for a card. And its been more than a month now.

Since I have worked with GE Money in the past, I understand that I don’t meet the credit policy guidelines. Those days the risk policy said, if you are above 25 and living with your parents, you are ineligible for a credit card. Irrespective of the amount of money you make or the background you may have. And they checked for two things only – Intent and ability to pay back. I have all the intent. I am not sure of the ability though.

Is there a banker that can trust his guts and my promise and issue me one? I promise not to default on the card.


Sanket said...

Hehe, that must have been a first! A customer calling up for a credit card :)

WSW said...

Ok I have been in your position despite not living with my parents. Try Citi-they were the only one who trusted me having "intent and capability"

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