Eight years of blogging

This month, in 2004, I started writing this blog. Its been 8 years. If Malcolm Gladwell and the research he unearthed in his book is to be believed, I would become an awesome writer in another two years (10 years or 10000 hours to perfect a skill/craft rule).

Like I say every year, there is no other thing that I have done regularly for these many years, apart from living. People I know blame it on my attention spam lasting a mere 3 nanoseconds. I, on my ADD.

Hope I continue writing. And someday, actually get good enough to move people with my words. Till that overnight success happens to me, here is an awesome nugget from Calvin.

Link: GoComics

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Prashant Pacific said...

As you've mentioned, 8 years is a big time and I do not have had enough time in last 8 weeks (from which I've been reading) to read the small words in small posts of a big blog that is written so regularly (without fail) by a blogger who by my judgement is indeed committed not just to writing ; but to making memories... making stories... making life of past not go and fade but print and be remembered in the form of words that are better than many I've come across in my 21 years of age...

All I want to say is, you need no Malcolm Gladwell reward your passion and work...

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