Untitled - 30 Jan 2012

Yet another untitled post (the last one was on 28th). To be honest, the entire concept of untitled is inspired from Hugh's blog. Anyways here are things that I learnt/saw/observed/etc today (and yesterday).
  1. Anyways is NOT a word. Apparently. That's what someone (@mooodles) on twitter told me. If this is true, about 90% of my posts now are grammatically incorrect. Anyways, I use anyways more often that I use I.
  2. I am now hooked onto Foursquare. Its been just a couple of days that I have started using and I absolutely love the experience. More than that, their BB application is awesome. It just adds on to the experience. This is my handle at foursquare.
  3. Meeting real people is more fun that chit chatting with them on twitter or on blog. Real people have real comments. They are more candid and open. They are lot more fun. The conversations are more meaningful. Since time is the most precious commodity, I'd rather spend it with real people than crating virtual linkages to people. I like talking about marketing, technology, starting up, ideas, poker, people, India and a host of other things. If you think you would want to meet over coffee, I am @saurabh on twitter.
  4. I will have to restart using Facebook. Because it has the audience that I want to reach. Both as an individual and as a marketer. Especially when I am serious about seeding a couple of ideas. I am hoping that my last login on FB is still active. I will decide in a few days about it.
  5. Finally, I am a big fan of Jason Statham. He is the epitome of how I want to look, if I ever get fit. I've already achieved the bald part, just need to work on the fitness bits.
And I guess that's it for the time being!

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