Bloody Blood Donation

Varishu Bhaiya is not well. He has some problem in his Heart's Valves and hes at Escorts and will be operated upon by Dr. Trehan. Dr. Trehan is THE BEST cardiac surgon in Delhi. I wish good health and speedy recovery to Varishu Bhaiya.

Ok since Varishu Bhaiya is at hospital and he needs an operation, they recquired blood for him. The rulez at hospital asy that they would give blood from the bank for the person who is ill only if you deposit four units of blood. So it was Sudhakar, Me, Romi and Varun who were to donate blood.

Before I forget, I as told by Romi that Dr. Trehan is the only person in INDIA who isn't paying Income Tax. Pretty cool move by Indian Govt. to attract people back to INDIA. Kudos.

Ok so we reached Escorts and went to the Blood Bank. I was weighed and I am 76 freaking KGs. WOW Thats huge amount of weight to have on you I guess. Anyways other thing, my blood was tested to be A+ and I always thought it was B+.

Ok and the needle that they use for taking your blood out, is as thick as a refill for a ball point pen, Can scare anyone but to tell you the truth, it doesn't hurts much. Ok now when you are inserted a needle to take the blood out, you are supposed to pump your fist to help blood get out. Please do NOT pump it fast nahin to you would also be blacked out like me. I did'nt knew where I was and what I was doing. Anyways in the entire process I lsot consiousness twice and I don't want to talk about it.

Best part about falling down is you get to get a lot of attention. Hope Varishu Bhaiya gets well soon.

Apart from that Nalin went to that company called Amdale which called me for naukri. They are giving 2500 bucks for a month and expect us to work for 6 months of same payscale and then they would review our performance and then see if they want us or not. Crappy company. No more words about it.

What else? dunno...


oblivious said...

Dr Trehan pays and has always paid taxes. Wish people stopped contributing to rumors and bothered to check the facts!

Hope your bhaiya got well tho!

s4ur4bh said...

oblivious ..

I saw a report in The Times of India about him. I tried finding the link but could not. From now, I think I will make clippings of any news I talk about here.


And yeah he is fine now. Thanks for your wishes.

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