Sachin 194*

Scores at the end of Second Day of the First Test at Multan, Pakistan:
INDIA 675-5 (Declared)
Pakistan 42-0 (Still Batting)

Ok so of those 675, Virender Sehwag made 309 something and got out. Hats Off for such a wonderful display of sheer talent. His innings made yet another great knock of 194* by Sachin "the Maestro" Tendulkar look tiny. With this "century" Sachin's tally reached 33. Just 2 short of making history. Also I read it somewhere that he would have joined the 1337 club of player who have scored double century in consecutive matches.

So the question is, Was Indian team management right in declaring when Sachin was unbeaten on 194? He needed just 6 more and had he been given just one more over, he would have got it.

Just before Yuvraj Singh got out and the innings was declared, Ramesh Powar the 12th man came to the field and he went back. Everyone knew he had a message for the batsmen in the middle. May be the message was about hit few quick runs and declare.

Suddenly when Yuvraj Singh got out and Rahul Dravid call his men back in the pavilion, I thought WOW what a sacrifice by the great man by going back on 194. Had he got his double century, this would have been his fourth overall and first against Pakistan. I thought when Powar come in the field, he would have asked Sachin if they could declare before he gets his 200 and Sachin would have said YES. That's why batsmen were called back. BUT when I heard the interview and after match press confrence, to my surprise Sachin was'nt aware that as soon as wicket falls, they would declare. Agreed that the game is meant to be a team sport and individual feats should not be pursued when there are so high stakes. But again there were about 20 odd overs to go after the innings was declared and I strongly feel that Sachin should have been given another over atleast to try and make his double century.

This brings me to yet another question. Was Yuvraj Singh responsible for Sachin not getting to his double century? Alright Yuvraj Singh is young, talented but he is playing at the highest level and you should have more maturity and sensibiliy when you are out there. The last few overs of the innings, I thought Sachin was not given enough of strike. There were instances when Sachin would run half way down the pitch for the run and Yuvraj would send him back. As Sabeer Bhatia says "The greatest risk in life is not to take risk at all.". I think Yuvraj made this mistake. He should have taken a risky run and tried to get Sachin on strike as he was approaching the magical figure fast.

I think Sourav Ganguly was also involved in the decision at some point of time or other. He is a very very good captain and he should have atleast stopped Dravid from doing what he did. He dissapponted me here.

Overall I am very dissappointed for Sachin. He should have got a double hundred and I believe that if we bowled one over less at the Pakistanis, it would'nt have made a damn difference to the outcome of the match.

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