S.G. vs A.T. Case 2


Another of those stupid stories about him.

There was this book "The Goal" who belonged to one A.A.. I happened to go with him on a trip to IIt Kanpur and he carried the book with him. I read 3/4th of it and when the trip was over, A.A. took it back as he had his interview for a MBA exam. I told him not to give it to anyone else as I wanted to complete it.

He gave it to someone called A.T.. Again the same thing was repeated, I told A.T. to not give the book to anyone as I wanted to complete it.

But who listens to me, he gave it to A.S. and now I wanted it desperately. So I called up A.T. about three-four times and asked him for the book or atleast talk to A.S. so that we could arrange a meeting and I can get the book.

I konw I was thinking about me all this time but the story is not about you thinking about yourself but about how not to lie.

Ok so its been three days since I told A.T. to helpme get the book and everyday he is supposed to call A.S. and arrange for something but he could'nt call.

Today I was lucky enough to call up A.A. (A.T. asked me to do so about another book) and I planned to go with A.A. to A.S's place to get the book finally. So the story is sorta over by now. I goto A.S.'s place and get the book and thats it.

A.T. comes online and here is the conversation I had with him...
ME (12:13:58 AM): tune A.S. ko phone kiyA?
A.T. (12:14:11 AM): yeah
ME (12:14:22 AM): so?
A.T. (12:14:43 AM): whn do u want to collect it
ME (12:14:54 AM): usnay kya boa and when did you call him?
A.T. (12:15:22 AM): he sed he will be over with it by today , so u can take whnever u want
ME (12:15:50 AM): waise when did you call him?
A.T. (12:16:00 AM): abhi night mein
ME (12:16:05 AM): ok

And end of conversation. If anytime I get to know that A.T. was kidding, I would delete this post and apologie to him but as of now what it seems to me, here was the entire episode.

So the entire thing ends up with A.T. lying to me on my face and me getting book. Thats the end of it and I guess its a happy ending. As they say All's Well That Ends Well.

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