India Wins Finally !!!!

So India finally wins a match after loosing the previous two. It was again a good match with even competition and the difference between the Winning Team and the Losing Team was the temprament and the way they played. Rest all I would say was equal for both of them.

Talking of cricket, I have a question in my mind. Today after we won the match there were firecrackers around my place and people where whistling, celebrating. I know I am a DIE HARD Indian and cricket fan but do we have to celebrate THIS way after every win over Pakistan? I don't remember any firecrackers after we defeated Australia which may people say is the best team in the world. My point of view on Australia differs though. I think they are a bunch of overhyped individuals. So firecrackers on India winning a cricket match. How can I put an end to this crap....????

Another thing I did today was a lousy attempt at making the template for the BLOG. I wanted to make one in whites and grays. NO BLACKS. I today somehow thought that the White text on Black is not that good afterall. There are huge numbers of colours available today in the market and on the WorldWideWeb. Tried my hands ast it and I think I would make it but it would take time. I think my BLOG would be more than a BLOG. I would be making it in the shape of a personal page. Lets see what can I make.


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