Ok an update after so long.

Today me getting bored like hell. Nothing to do.

Todays Merits...
1. INDIA batted poorly in todys match with Pakistan and completed the 50 overs with 244 runs on the board. Might be enuf. Might not be eunf. Time will tell.
2. Talked crap with Priyanka. I think shes angry with me now and she will never talk to me again.
3. Nalin came back from Chennai and had a good interview there. Lets see what happpens there.
4. Downloading The Simpsons and its been more than a couple of weeks when I started downloading it.
5. A lot of results came out and surprisingly Aditya and Gaurav did'nt make it to IIFT. I dunno if they are rejecting people like Adiyta and Gaurav what kind of people are they looking at...

I just konw that sitting at home for about six seven months now has killed my creativity and entusiasm. Whos responsible? ME? Yes I believe I am the sole person responsible for the entire episode. I should have known whom to trust and whom to not and should have thought. I tend to make decisions in haste and I later have to regret on them. I will try to be more relaxed and thoughfull while talking or making conclusions.

Ok Time is about 8:21 PM and just talked to Kunal. One of his contacts is supposed to get a website done which according to me would take HUGE amount of webspace. Atleast 500 Megs and it means HUGE amount of investment. I am not sure if that person would be willing to shell out this much money for the website. Kunal says what differnce does it makes to us? I say simply if the person drops the idea, we would be left with no website to develop at all. So its important that we should talk to the person and get the thing done in an amount that is feasible for him to pay.

INDIA lost the match. :( But still it was a nice match and kudos to Pakistan who played really well and got it for their country. Cheers to Pakistan on a nice win and Good Luck to both INDIA and Pakistan for the next match.

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