I almost never had a wallpaper on my desktop or the laptop but then during one of the boring Corporate Finance lectures, I used a Bart Simpson Wallpaper and I found it kinda cool. After Bart Simpson, it was a map of springfield. Next I thought I would put in a Harley Davidson wallpaper. Since I din't have any Harley wallpapers, I logged on to my favorite Google Image search and keyed in Harley Wallpapers.

I found quite a few there and one of them was from the website and believe me they were sexy. I would recommend every one to go to the site and admire the art. I have'nt come across anything like that ever in my five+ years of internet career.

Here is a banner from their website...

I was so impressed that I almost thought I would also start working on metal models. I was also thinking of places from where I can procure stuff, but then I thought, let the experts make the beauties and I backed out.

If anyone ever comes across this post, I would urge them to please visit the website and have a look.

Signin Off ...

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