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Recently I realized that there are lots and lots of people on the Blogging Bandwagon. Some expected, some totally unexpected.

And BLOGs are BIGTIME into Media. Recently ABC rated Bloggers as the People of the Year and then was this article in the Times of India about Bloggers. Wow we guys are going great guns and getting accolades for it.

Lee me try to figure out why people BLOG.

May be there are people who don't have anything special to do and just to kill time they BLOG. Example could be ME. Yes ME. I BLOG whenever I have spare time. This post is a good example. I don't have anything else to do right now and thought posting this post would be a nice idea. Its 2:46 in the morning/night and I could'nt find anything special to do at this time. Coming back to the question - Why people BLOG...

Apart from killing time, next best reason would be to get famous. BLOGs are treated as regular websites by the search engines and hence are indexed by them. People would search for keywords and land up at the BLOG. These BLOGs can be identified by the hit counters and heavy use of keywords. Example - ME ! Try searhing "ben_mario_piano" on your favorite search engine and you would know what I am talking about.

Another thing would be ...mmmmm... to express may be? I BLOG when I feel that I need to go out there, yell and tell people about it. BLOGging makes it easy. I can rant as much as I want and no one would ever try to stop me. After all its my space and I get to talk about my opinions, my prejudices. No one can question what I am saying. Ok I don't want to sound as a self-obsessed person here but serisouly there are times when you want to vent out watever is inside you. Blogging comes in handy.

More reasons... Dunno, people say they want to make world a better place to live in. They want to add value and dunno wat else.

The matter of fact is people BLOG and that too in huge numbers.

And I am kinda bored with this post now and would like to end this before I delete the post.

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