Mansi Balwani

Nishant asked me if I had Yahoo id of Mansi Balwani and I realized I din't have it. I tried searching on Yahoo People Search but could not find anything on her. Then out of curiosity, I tried Googling her and there was only one return and that too from a competition that she participated in.

Crux on the entire thing is that my friends don't have a e-identity ! I try hard day and night to be among the top few results at every search engine for Saurabh and/or Garg and some of the very good friends are absent from the internet. So here is the post, mentioning all the names...

Mansi Balwani - did BFIA from CBS and worked with McKinsey Knowledge Centre for a year
Nishant Nigam - Chemical Engineer from IIT Roorkee and two years with TCS
Surbhi Gupta - Mechanical Engineer from IGIT
Shubhi Sood - BIS from Delhi University (yes same as mine)
Siddharth Sinha - Electronics Engineer and two years with Baan
Satyajeet Gandhi - Computer Engineer from Indore and six months with Syntel
Jeetendra Bhojwani - Computer Engineer
Aastha Gupta - BIT from KMC (again Delhi University) :D

And in the end a disclaimer - These are the names of the people who are going out on Surbhi's birthday. The list of friends at MDI is huge and in due course of time, I would post the details here.


Jeetendra said...

Bhaisahab.... tujhe MDI ke time bhi bola tha ....main electrical engineer engineer nahi.....

s4ur4bh said...

Dost, ek to main tera naam Internet par globally famous kar raha hoon, upar sey tum galtiyan nikaal rahe ho.

Jaaao main nahin khelta !

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