Happy Republic Day

26th January 1950, India adopted the constitution and we became a republic country.

http://septemberthe22nd.blogspot.com/2004/01/happy-republic-day.html is a post that I made exactly a year ago on the last republic day. Things have changed since then and I also realize the fact that its been more than a year since I am blogging. WOW !

I wanted to get up early today and be there when the flag would be hoisted at the compus but I woke up only at 1:30 and missed the entire thing. Aastha tried to wake me up she gave about three missed calls but I was so lazy to get outta bed :(

Anyways Happy Republic Day :)

P.S. here is the image that I posted a year back ...
Ok I tried posting the image but could'nt post it. Actually I could'nt find a way to post it :D

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