The Bus. Stopped.

This bus also did not stop. Third bus in as many hours. AJ can't quite figure out this indifference on part of bus drivers. He is standing in sun, at a crossing in middle of nowhere, trying to wave down that hourly bus that can take him to the next town. Next hint of civilization.

He thinks that world has always been unfair to him. Parents, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbours, even strangers. He left his home in morning. For a journey. A never-ending journey. In pursuit of happiness. Happiness that has always eluded him. A journey to help him discover why world has been so unfair to him. Even the bus drivers seem to be unfair.

He was an average guy by all standards. Average looks. Average brains. Average in everything he ever did. Yet he thought that people hated him because of something that he had. Or maybe something he did not. He knew something was wrong somewhere.

He had only one wish. He wanted to see someone being honest to him. Someone thinking about him. He had decided that moment someone is fair to him, he would stop start looking at the world in a new light. He would ignore previous shortcomings.

He was looking for that one faint glimmer. One small signal that god actually exists. That he can trust people. That people are not out there to get him. That he is average. Very average.

Now, on the horizon, he can see yet another bus. Another ray of hope that he knows will fade away. Another bout of depression coming his way. He has long given up on things. Things like a bus stopping and he boarding it. Ever. He decides to sit and let the bus go.

And, the honking, rickety bus stops.

Note: This is my first attempt at FlashFiction. In short, a fiction in less than or equal to 300 words.

Note: Still editing

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