Crash !!!! - Yet Again

I was typing the stuff in da blog when Internet Explorer Crashed !!!! Damn it, I lost about two paragraphs which I would try to retype here again :(( Lazy Me.

Ok here is the first one. This is about NDTV punchline -Zubaan Pay Sach, Dil Main India. This line summs up me as a person very well. Although this is not the complete me but a good part of my thinking is represented by this line. This line should actually mean that they speak the truth by keeping the welfare of the country in the mind. In my case, I try to speak truth most of the times (most is the keyword here) and ofcourse I love INDIA.

Second para I lost was about Aditya Takiar but since I lost it, won't be typing it again.

And this part now is being typed in Notepad to make sure even if there is a crash, I have the stuff written somewhere so that I don't have to write all of this again.

And when I was returning from IMS today, people from a company called Amdale called up and they offered me employment. Let's hope thing work out well for me.

Had a nice day at IMS today. Perticipated in a GD and spoke few times. Feedback was very positive but I wish I could be more like Priyank. That chap, a sailor (actually a Marine Engineer) is so cool when hes in a GD. It makes him an automatic choice for selection ven without an interview.

Talking off GDs, I think GD as a selection criteria for BSchools is not justified at all. I hope professors from BSchools are not reading this. I guess they won't have time to even log onto internet, leave alone reading "my" BLOG. Taling about GDs; In a GD, your performance depends a lot on the kind of group you are in. Let's say if you have a group of about 15 people and all of them are so agressive that they are fighting just to speak, how can someone show the leadership skills, the group dynamics and other crap we are supposed to show. Also if everyone is show quite, mushy and so laid back, everyone can emerge out as a leader. As people say, if in a group there are no dis-agreements, you are not discussing at all.

I guess interview is a much better way to judge people. You actually get to interact with the person on a one-to-one basis and with the way the iinterviewee is responding to the answers, you can very well judge if he would be a good team member and if he has the Manager in him.

That reminds me of yet another important thing. Since I am expecting calls from BSchools after CAT and none of them is as sick as SCMHRD, I should start preparing answers to the questions like Hobbies, Long Term Career Goals, Why Enterprenaurship etc. etc.

Getting more "self centered" I today thought that I would talk to Harsh Sir at IMS and tell him about my gaming company plan and ask him to help me out. Infact I should just talk to him about being an enterprenaur. Yeah I think I should do this cos he sounds like a pretty level headed person. Also as he said, he has to his credit, three start-up ventures. I guess now is the time to start working towards it.

I guess this should be long enough to fill a couple of screenfulls on 800X600 res. and I need to get some dinner now.

WOW, as I copy pasted this into blogger window, my good old comp suddenly restarted without any warnings of any sorts or any crahses or anything. It just restarted !!!! But I guess I learnt from the previous crash to save the file, it saved me a lot of work. Phew. Lets try again. Got an error about the HTML tag being broken at SCMHRD. I guess everything seems to have complaints and grudges against SCMHRD ;)

And Sucess At Last. Finally I can publish it :)

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