Ok, I have been trying to figure out the design for the UBG site that would act as the website for my clan, my gaming company, my SEO company, my web-designing company and my visual components company ;)

I talked to Kunal about the colors on the webpage and he is of an opinion that we have browns and grays as the colors. I agree completely to him. According to me, White as a background color in a website sucks big time and there are too many Black websites floating around. So its time for a change. So we have decided upon the colors and all we neeed is a layout. And that I guess is not very difficult to do. I am just tryint to learn PHP and find out some free webhosts that give you free PHP support for the website. Infact as I am writing this, I realized that few of my websites don't have to be dynamic in nature and can be hosted on brinkster etc.

Still trying to figure out the theme for the websites and will try to give them a corporate look.

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