Everynight after I have played with and lost badly to kAgE, I think why the hell do I have to play again and again with him to loose yet again... I am not all that bad when it comes to First Person Shooters but kAgE, don't have words to express. I can make "any" single jump and all kinds of strafe jumps etc. but can't seem to jump longer than kAgE.

I guess me playing again n again to get better, is about persistance and practising. Failure? as it was one of the topics @ IMS class today, the thoughts are still fresh and I am trying to figure out the positives out of my matches with kAgE. The only one I see could be beating the hell outta others who are not that good players.

Today played Q3DM17 and Pro-Q3DM6 in the two matches combined, I did'nt kill him even once. He had in all two deaths and both of em suicides. He murdered me atleast 70 odd times in two 10 minute tourneys.

Q3Arena - I think all you need to be good in this game is a good rail shot and excellent machine shot. Straetegy and moves can be learnt but aim should be perfect. And it's NOT easy. I have been playing Q3 for well over two years now and still my machine accuracy is around 10% and my rail accuracy is about 40%.

Will post more stuff later as I should be studying right now cos CAT is just around the corner and I don't remember a single thing from the course.

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