Driving through Delhi

Ok so I woke up early today at around 9:30 AM and logged onto internet. Checked all the messages, posted stuff and played Q3. scored an impressive 49-(-)10 against Anarki Nightmare. Called up kAgE to inform about it and discused the website for some time. The funny thing is that stuff I have on my copmuter looks entirely differnt from stuff on his monitor. Why can't manufacturers ake them according to a standard so that things would look same on a 14 inches and a 17 inches monitor...

Ok when I was going to ze class @ IMS, while driving through I was thinking about the DigiCam and just than an idea of having a BLOG exclusively for the way traffic behaves in Delhi struck me. Ok I registered another BLOG. I think I would update it. Link to it can be found in the Navi Menu on this BLOG. I would be posting stuff as it appears to a guy on Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber Croma with Disk Brakes.

The class at IMS, I reached there and found that everyone has converted the SCMHRD call except good old me. Had a GD today about relationships and contacts and did'nt speak a single thing but I got a few good reviews ;). I think that GD as a selection criteria should not be there at B-Schools. Basically your performance in a GD does not depends entirely on you. Infact it depends on a whole lot of other stuff that are beyond your control. Maybe I am saying this cos I have been unsuccesful after two attempts?

Bhaskar, the only chap to have thought about staying in touch smsed me today. Found it pretty good for two reasons. 1. He actually typed it and 2. He sent something that was special for me and for him. It was the "Cut My Life Into Pieces".

When returning, driving over ITO was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone to go on the ITO bridge and with a half face helmet on and drive on there. The experience can't be described in BLOGs. More on this could be found on the Traffic BLOG :)

And I am searching through the length and breadth of google to find the link to Bajaj Auto website. Found it at www.bajajauto.com :)

Also I saw one of the BLOGs with images in it. The images were actually hosted on blogspot only. I tried to find out how to do that but I am still not sure. If anyone knows that please send me a message....

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