The Sardaar Who Changed My Life

A Sardaar Who Changed My Life. After today's incident, I have started to think why do people make fun of Sardaars? The Sardaar I am talking about, I bet he’s' one of the most intellectual person I have ever seen. He is good at padhai-likhai, very good at speaking and has HUGE levels of confidence. Everything you can ask for in a person. He changed my perception about Sardaars and from now on I would not look down at someone cos he is a Sardaar. Honestly, I was like abey yeh to sardaar hai, ise kya pata.

I have IIFT result now and I could not clear it this year too. The paper went well for me and I guess I did well in the paper but still I did'nt make it. Anyways I noticed all the intelligent people Gaurav, Shangloo and that Sardaar got thru. Lets hope I get something in CAT or NM which are the only ones left now.

I first saw that Sardaar at my SCMHRD session at IMS. Unlike others, he spoke sense and I didn’t notice him much there cos he was a Sardaar. Today this was a GD prep class and he was with me again. There we were supposed to be in three discussions. He expressed his viewpoints on a couple and I must say the level of thinking he had, I can only think about having it. He certainly impressed me very much. Let me add here that not everyone impresses me. One more thing that stood out, he knew what, where and when to speak. And since he has got all the calls, he gotta be a stud chap.

I felt agar ek Sardaar itna bond ho sakta hai, to main kyon nahin. From today onwards I would work towards improving myself and getting myself on par with that Sardaar and may be go ahead of him. When I say I would work, I think I know what my problems are, I have got everything that should be there to be a person like him except for the reading part. I haven’t been reading as much as I should. This was very rightly pointed out by the teacher who recognized me from last year. I would now make a habit of reading at least three magazines per week and reading the newspaper. It’s not about just getting a call and converting it. It’s about YOU. Also I have noticed I haven’t been thinking lately. Watch out world, here I come…

And Aakash (his BLOG was inspiration to my BLOG) is in hospital. Hes got a slipped disc. I dunno how bad it is and I am going to see him tomorrow. If anyone reads this BLOG, please pray for him so that he is well soon.

The best part is, the man who impressed me so much, I don't even know his name. Will make sure I ask him when I get to meet him next.

Also I still haven’t started my traffic BLOG as yet but I intend to do it pretty soon. And as far as content for it goes, I won’t be having any problems with that. As they say it’s a wild world out there.

Signing OFF......

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