Mario... YES that game from yesteryears wherin you were Super Mario and you were supposed to rescue the princess from the dragon. She was hidden in the castle and you were supposed to go through them and find her.

Today I got a HDD from A.T. and it had a lot of Linkin Park videos and what not. Among other things there was this file called ben_mario_piano.mpg. Since it as in the Games folder and was called Mario, outta curiosity I played it. And it was simply AMAZING. This chap, I guess his name is Ben (since the file is called Ben_Mario_Piano), played the music from the game Mario. WOW. Never seen something so good and nerdy.

If someone is interested in Mario, this file is very highly recommended. The size is about 8 MBs but its worth all of those 8 MBs. The file is loacted at

I should call Mr. Johnson and ask him about Piano. Sounds better than Guitar at times.

Ok this brings back the memories from the game Mario. There were so many secret powerups, and an amazing way to make huge number of lives. It was with the duck. You kill it on the edge of the staircase and jump of its back again n again to gain points and eventually lives. I am still not sure if it was intended by the develpoer (Shigeru Miyamoto) and was a design feature or was it a bug...

I first played Mario when I was in fifth or may be sixth standard on a Nintendo Console. Found it VERY VERY difficult to start with but as time passed by, I got better and better and eventualy one fine day I was able to complete the game and rescue the princess without losing a life. That was some achievenment.

On that very console there were few other games like Contra, Jungle, Excite Bike, Battle City etc. It was fun playing with a controller. Now a days I play with my TVSE Gold and have almost forgotten the feel of a controller. Wish I get that console again to play on...

Links in the post:
2. Shigeru Miyamoto

Bugs while typing this peice out were: "n satill amyn secret levels"

UPDATE: Ben Mario Piano on Youtube

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