Finally I am Back

Its been about 10 days since the last post and SO MUCH has happened.

Lara getting to 400, Dewang Mehta's Day, Elections, Results, etc. lots of things are supposed to be posted but I did'nt get enough time on the computer to all that.

I would be surely posting everything in a day or two.

Also I have planned something major for the BLOG. This BLOG majorly has been a personal BLOG. Everything I felt about me, my friends, things that concern me have been posted. But I think I would move up the ladder and would try to post a lot more. Although I would be moving my personal BLOG to somewhere else but this would be purely informational and truely analytical one. I would be talking without taking any stance in advance. I would analyze things and reach a conclusion. And this applies to all the entries I would be making.

I have also tried to give the BLOG a look of a traditional website. Searching for a specific page or information is so easy on a traditional website than a BLOG. On a BLOG until you post links somewere, the older entires tend to get away and no one reaches them.

Keep looking for a NEW BLOG and few surprises.

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