You've Got GMail

GMail.Google.Com, the latest in the EMail technology is here and by the look of it, It is going to stay for a long long time.

Apart from features like 1000 MB mailbox and 10 MB EMail attachments, what it would essentialy do is take business off all the other mail ervice providers as the amount of storage they offer is easily 100 times more than the nearest rival. It would make people used to having huge Mailboxes and taking out other smaller providers out of business.

The user interface is very very convinient to work with and I found it very very good. Althought I try to make sure the thing is good before I recommend it, GMail I think does'nt needs to be checked. It is very very good and must have for everyone.

There were talks about Google reading your personal EMails and ths invasion to privacy but again the talks originated with the people who were unaware of the Google's AdSense technologoy wherein they scan the messages with the help of computers and scan for the frequecny of certain keywords. In a way yes, they do read your EMail but the entirte process is carried out by computers with no logging what so ever.

And as they say nothing is for free. If you want to super so powerful, feature rich technology of GMail, you gotta compromise and I would say it's not even a compromise. There is no danger to anyone's privacy.

Thats all I have to say about GMail as of now. I would add things as and when I get to know them but I would like to take this oppurtunity to thanks Google and Blogger for selecting me as one f the first people to test GMail.

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