Rain Drop Are Falling On My Head

It’s been more than 48 hours and I haven’t been online. Sucks. I need to be online to gauge my chances at MDI and kill time but alas my ISP has some problems in the RF link. The bad thing is that he is the ISP for all the Internet cafes around my place. So if his Internet is down, you can’t get online at least not in D.G. And this is being typed offline so that I could just copy paste the stuff as and when I go online.

Coming to the real topic, Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head… Yesterday it rained and it rained like anything. I was in the park, playing cricket when it started pouring. It was amazing fun to be in he rain and playing cricket. It made me forget all my worries and I enjoyed it a lot. Ever since I grew up (physically), I haven’t been playing that much. I guess there is a sort of barrier as you are all grown up and no one expects you to play like kids in the rain. Talking of cricket in the rains, yesterday I invented a new form of cricket in which diving and sliding was mandatory. Just imagine the wet slippery grass, keechad (dunno wats this in English) and other junk sticking onto when you dive on the roads. It is REAL FUN. I know this sounds very pathetic and cheap but whoever thinks this is not that good, should do it once.

Another thing about the rains, you get to see all kinds of looks on people’s faces. Some are trying to run for the shelter, some are trying to get as wet as possible, trying to figure out the most open place on the ground. Some would try to stand under some kinda shed and take their arms out and have the feel of it. And then there would be those who would take their clothes off and would run on the road and speed their mobikes on the slippery roads.

And what about the breeze and mausam after the rains? The best time for a romantic date, a stroll on the road, some wishful thinking. The mind is so clear and clean that you could give competition to any mastermind including Bill Gates.

As the night falls, after such a plesant time, its almost the perfect time for the Guitar. Although I have forgot EVERYthing I learnt on a guitar but still even Sa Ni Dha was amazing. That was the time when you feel as if the guitar is the last thing to do on the Earth.

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