The Richest Man On Earth

So William H. Gates is NO longer the world's richest man. SAD. :((. As far as I can remember this has happened for the second time in the history and that too because the dollor is doing no so good on as compared with other currencies.

My role model is second richest at 40 billion dolllors. I would be making sure that hen I become the richest person on Earth, I would never be displaced off the top spot till the time I live.

Dollor taking a dip against almost all currencies. What could be the reason and where all it has plummeled? Take example of apna own desi Rupee and its already hitting the 4 year highest as compared to the dollor. This brings me to yet another question... What implications would it have on us if rupee keeps on strenthening against the US dollor. All my call center friends would be fired :((.

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