Some Lost n Some Found

B.S., the guitarist, called me up on Tuesday. It felt so good to talk to him after so many days. He said that he was talking to A.B. and while talking, my name creeped up. Chalo he at least talked to me and I remembered about all the good times we spent together playing CS in the office and falling for Rai University ki girls.

I guess this would be an appropriate place and time to talk about B.S. He is also a BITian like me but he is one year senior to me and he passed out of PGDAV. I first met him when he joined the office. My first views about him were like wow yet another chinki and a new kid to play with, to torture, to crack jokes on etc. But again I realized that he was pretty cool and in fact had a very good sense of humor and was more than a friend. He is very good at playing guitar, sutta maaro and taking udhaar from people.

As I am writing this, I have to mention that he was the only one among the group of 20 people (who said they were my friends) who thought about talking tome. I had to leave my job because of my folly and my blind faith on people.

Apart from Bhaskar, I had a fight with Joie and we still aren't talking the way I want to. I think she still is kinda skeptic about all the stuff I say. I just wish someone could teach me how to control myself when talking. But again things are looking good and we should be back on the track soon.

Also another thing to ponder over here would be why people make fun of chinkis? I think people try to make fun of everything and anything that is not conforming to the preconceived notions and believes. Lets take for example a man with red hair. Most people on the streets would laugh at him, as we in INDIA aren't used to watching people with red hair. Again in the case of chinkis, the problem I think is their outlook. I have seen chinkis not interacting with other people and just keeping to themselves. It's all very very complicated. Hope I could understand.

I lost a few chnages that I made to my template beacuse of my crappy internet connection. The ISP would cache the pages once they are requested and would not update them for the next time. When I request that page again, the ISP would serve the page from cache rather than taking from internet. So after updating the template, I hit the save button and I realized that changes made havent been saved.

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