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So its been long since I updated my BLOG. Have'nt even updated the template.

A lot of things have happened recently... A.S. not getting anywhere, Exams for K.G n A.T., my new website coming up, me taking admission to IMI, waiting for MDI, new friends, new crushes and lots more.

Starting with my admission @ IMI. I deposited the fee at IMI and I would now be studying for being a manager. I never understand why I need to study for being a manager, I strongly believe managers are not made but they are born managers. My entire fight about taking a MBA degree would be because I was fired from my last job and I didnt get any after that. Or may be I want to earn a lot of money. The crux of the entire thing is that I am being the part of the rat race. Everyones running in the same direction, trying to outrun one another. I am of the opinion that if I get a job TODAY thats pays me well, I would not join IMI.

I am cribbling for me not getting into a good BSchool, someone is cribbling cos he aint has no GF, someones crying for something and I see all the people crying and complaining. Me on the other hand, I am very very worried but yes I am optimistic and I know I would be the richest person some day.

Talking of the great Indian MBA dream, a very good and a deserving friend A.S. ddint get through a single place. He had interview calls from IIM-K but he did'nt convert it. I can not really know what kind of people are the B Schools looking for. He has it all. He has been academic topper all his life. He knows EVERYTHING there is to knoa about ANYTHING. Be it politics, sports, economics and etc etc, he reads lots of stuff and is very informed person. He is absolutely fabulous in GDs and no one can have a better PI than him. He had almost perfect 99.4 CAT %ile and he still didnt make it. I have no idea what are the B Schools looking for in a candidate.

Another major event is that Viper is organizing a gaming tourney in Jaipur and the games are Quake 3 Arena and Counter Strike. I have the clan ready and we are preparing for the event BUT the DU does the suXor yet again. Their exams are startin on 12th, right after the elections. All the best to K.G. and A.T. for their exams. I know we would have fun after the exams.

And since I ahve started writing about the elections, INDIA goes for elections and the as per the opinion and exit polls, we are headed towards a hung Parliament. No single party or coalition is headed towards a clear majority. I anyways would support the Congress I candidate Sandeep Dixit from my East Delhi constituency. He is PGPM and MA from reputed places like IRMA and St. Stephans and has been working with NGOs for long time. He is young energetic and has all the qualities for which you have to vote. Although I don't want Ms. Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India, I am confident that Sandeep Dixit would do well here. Also when it comes to Prime Minister of India, Mr. Vajpayee would retire in another year or so and there is no other leader in BJP whom I trust and whom I respect. As far as the Congress goes, we have S Manmohan Singh to take the post.

Enough about the elections I guess... Another major thing to talk would be my new website. After getting bored, I decided to make a new website and I would be making this a bit bright. I am bored of using that same old color scheme of grays and whites again and again. I would be making it bright and colorful and would try to make it attractive. It would also add to my companys clientele list which right now has two clients. One is my uncle and another is my friend ;)

so what else .....
Dunno would update as soon as I find another masala news. yes last thing, the lady in the lead in the movie Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai, she is SO CUTE.

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