MDI here I come

So finally I have managed to clear the MDI waitlist. I was waitlisted at serial number 30 and they cleared only 30 people from the Waitlists. I was the perfect border line case.


So I would be going to MDI and here are the following people who have helped me get there... (in alphabetical order)
1. My DAD n MY MOM
2. Aaditya Shangloo
3. Gunjan Gupta
4. IMS (The coaching class)
5. Nalin Ladiwala
6. Sonali Garg

P.S.: I am not in favour of writing the names on my blog but I have to do it here because if these people had'nt helped me, I would'nt have reached MDI.

Thanks to all of you. I just hope you read this and send me gifts ;)

I would be posting more details later on. Abhi busy calling people :)

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